Course HAZMIMMS Hazardous Incidents Medical Management and Support

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Presentation :

This new course on special incident management covers the hazardous incidents that frequently occur during chemical processing, manufacturing, transport, and  disposal of toxic waste. This straightforward and practical course is easily assimilated in an emergency situation. This is a highly important addition to the series ; it covers the protection and safety of hospital staff as well as dealing with the patient’s safety.

Objectives :

This in-depth review of hazardous materials and how to respond to incidents involving them includes a compilation of resources for preparation, risk assessment, equipment and personal protective equipment

Content :

  • Lectures : Structured approach of the response to major incidents NRBC, planning for major incidents, the practical approach at the scene, reception phase, definitive care phase, recovery
  • Workshops : Communication, triage, specialist services regional response, public health incidents, protracted large geographical incidents, CBRN
  • Table top exercises : The incident, the approach at the sceneand the impact on the system, reception phase, definitive care phase, recovery phase

Instructors : ALSG UK Faculty

Assessment :
Assessment takes place on day 2 of the course by a final MCQ

Certification :
Is valid for 4 years which includes continuous access to the VLE during this period

Public :
Candidates should be anyone who would be involved in managing a major incident from within the hospital

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